The Joy of Serving in Wolverhampton, Day 5

My heart is so full after today. We had what looked like it would be a fairly full ministry schedule–training and equipping in the morning, healing in the hospital in the afternoon, leadership meeting at night–but today I learned how very, very easy it is to “serve” when serving looks like following God’s leave in the company of incredible people. So that was my day.

To start out with, we had a team meeting and then “training and equipping” with the people we were going to be activating with–which looked like a group of nine of us (us four, plus Marita, John (whom Michelle has known for years), Kelly, Andrew, and Graham) just worshipping and soaking for about an hour, then sharing testimonies and getting to know each other and each others’ hearts.

This continued into lunch, and then we set off!–for ASDA. Also known as English Walmart. There we grabbed some chocolates to bless the nursing staff with (and I wondered if this would have been my best moment to buy some lovely English chocolates, but delayed too long and came away empty-handed…) and kept up a fun banter in our car (me, Kelly, Josiah, Dave, and John) about Americans versus Brits versus Aussies. Definitely a plus of an international team!

At the hospital we spent a while getting lost, trying to find where one of the girls from Michelle and my host homes was staying, and eventually just split up into our teams and set out. My team (me, Andrew, and Graham) went up to one of the recovery wards, and just went from bed to bed loving on some lovely older ladies, giving them a get-well card, asking about their days, and praying for them if they were willing–which all but one were.

What I loved about our time at the hospital was that nothing we did was extravagant, today–it was just us showing those around us how much we valued them, and how important they really are. But, just by being there, and showing love, we shifted the atmosphere, bringing God’s love not only to those we talked to, but to everyone in the hospital. I know that we left that hospital a better place than we found it, and I have immense faith that healings took place from our prayers that they might not even have found out about yet.

We had quite a few divine appointments, there too. (I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.) Right when Graham, Andrew and I got up to the ward, Andrew saw an old coworker who was apparently a patient, and he got to go chat to and pray for her. Then, as we were leaving the ward, Graham ran into the doctor who had operated on him when he was a teenager in the hospital–and who is in a position of authority over several local hospitals and who no longer works in the wards at all–and Graham got to share with him what we were doing.

Then, once we’d met back up with the rest of our team and were waiting on a few people before we went out, two members of the church came in to get treatment for the wife’s hip. It was a crazy divine appointment: we were supposed to be long-gone, and the couple had already been to the hospital earlier that day, and would normally never have come back a second time in the same day. So we prayed for her complete healing. (Results pending.)

Back at the church, John volunteered to take our team out to some shops in the Wolverhampton high street, as Dave had really been hankering to do some shopping. We went, and had so much fun! I nabbed myself a cross-body bag (my one-shoulder one has been driving me crazy) and Dave got himself a great shirt, and then we just went for a walk to the city centre, had a lovely sweets shop owner do a magic trick for us, and saw a lovely old bookstore that should really be the required prototype for all bookstores ever (and it’s from 1300!).


Downtown Wolverhampton…note the cathedral in the background. ❤


Our awesome Wolverhampton group, plus John! L-R: Dave, Michelle, John, me, Josiah


Most gorgeous bookstore EVER! Just chilling by the side of the road…

Next was home for dinner, and then back to LifeSpring for a leaders meeting. We felt so honored and blessed that they would invite us to a meeting of their core leadership, and we were grateful for the opportunity to encourage them in the amazing work they have going here, and to prophesy over them, their church, and the country.

We had such an amazing time of prophecy. Both the senior pastor, Tony, and Dave, who is hosting Josiah and Dave, had near-identical words for me based around communication, and they were both so encouraging in their praise for my sermon yesterday, as well. I also had a lovely moment of confirmation as I got a word for a man there I had never met before, who then told me that Michelle had given him the same word just a few minutes earlier. Holy Spirit is so cool!

And now, we’re home at Marie’s, getting ready for bed before heading out to–are you ready for this?–Stratford-upon-Avon tomorrow! I am beyond thrilled to get to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace; hopefully the rest of the team will enjoy it as much as I will. In any case, it will be a lovely day, as it reunites not just all of Daniel’s team, but John will come along as well, making for a wonderful large group of fellowship which I can’t wait for. Oh, and we’re going there by train–just to make it that much more English. I can’t wait!


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